Japanese, Sushi

Japanese cuisine – aka: ‘sushi’. Now is the time to discuss my favourite cuisine EVER… It’s with great pride that I announce sushi is Bae. It’s been bae all this time… Bae. ‘Anywae’, yaeh – bae.

I love sushi of all types, hosomaki, uramaki,nigiri, sashimi, maki and temaki… They’re life. I love them because you can purchase sushi in different variations to suit your dietary requirements (i.e. vegetarian, pescatarian, and sometimes even meat). My favourite of all has to be the uramaki – a simple salmon & avocado would do just fine.

Other reasons to like sushi: anyone who’s everyone can have and enjoy these filling but bite sized tasters. Also, there are two styles of sushi such as tempura and/or raw. The good thing is, it’s up to the person’s preference. I think this is why I love sushi more than any other cuisine.

Furthermore, (oo-er, yes BIG words now…) I don’t usually eat rice – but when I do, it’s sticky rice. I’d eat sticky rice (the main ingredient of sushi) on a daily basis if I could…

There’s a really great Japanese shop near where I work that makes them fresh to buy each day. At 4pm, they start selling them for clean cheap (not dirt) because they don’t like food waste… Neither do I.

Want to learn how to make sushi? Here‘s a recipe to feast your eyes and mouth on.

In terms of good sushi restaurants in London, my personal favourite is Eat Tokyo in Golder’s Green. Others include SushiSamba in Liverpool Street, and Nobu in Oxford Street.

How much sushi could a sushi chef sushi if a sushi chef could sushi? All of ’em.

In order to reach my 300 word count, I’ll be explaining How To: eat sushi:

  • with chopsticks
  • you can go all #ThugLyf and eat them by hand

All you have to do is pop them in your sushi-hole like a Skittle and not only hope for the best but become the best.

Accompaniments to sushi: usually you’d find pickled ginger and wasabi which – umm, let’s skip that… I love chilli but I don’t want to cremate my tastebuds with a paste! Finally, you can also add soya sauce to enhance the experience of sushi eating. However, I can’t because my face’ll bloat faster and would look more inflated than a life-sized beach ball.

Without further ado… Chow down.