Pad Thai

If you follow me  on Twitter (and have yet to mute me for my constant LIVE streaming of my daily parodic life), you’ll know that I love Pad Thai. I’m actually learning to love Pad Thai more than life’s fair share of humans… Twitter’ll tell you I’m not anti-social though, I have published approximately 30k tweets. 😆

Anyway, Thai cuisine is the bae awae from bae… No, no. no… I don’t think you actually understand! When I eat a plate of extra nutty and spicy Pad Thai, I don’t think about the maybe painful excretion afterwards – I just eat it. 😋 It’s lush. It’s delicious. It’s everything.

If you’d like to make it for yourself, click here.

Here’s a contradiction for the inter-diction… I usually hate the sauce in stews but I wouldn’t mind that extra Pad Thai-an residue. It’s SO tasty when done right. I like it flavoursome aka ‘not bland’. I’ve sadly had a few where not even Chilli oil can save them.

If you’re looking for a great place to try some, there’s one in Camden that does is just right. Like the story of the Three Bears. Also, those prawns (as seen in the picture) were the best prawns I’ve ever put inside of my facial-hole known as ‘mouth’.

Back to the restaurant, I’m there as much as people go to work, school, or college/uni… If you don’t go to any of those, I love them as much as you stay at home or live that retired life. Prince Philip, if you’re reading, which – let’s face it, of course you are. You and the Queen are secret fans, aren’t you? The answer you’re looking for Philip is: “yes.”

What a guy! Retiring at 95, the dude’s a DON.

If Pad Thai entered FarEastVision, it’d get ichi ni san shi points from me.


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