Yesterday, the mother bearage and me took a trip to a department store, to do some shopping for my room. I want to decorate it, and make it brightly coloured. It’s Spring, which leads on to Summer no less… So, my room’s got to reflect my energy during those seasons.

We ventured into Habitat like a couple of sloths wanting to check out our nature reserves – slightly like a David Attenborough documentary… I didn’t last 10 minutes in there.

I found some scatter cushions that I fell in love with, took one out to have a look and they all fell like Dominos, and there were some crockery vases that I hadn’t seen… Needless to say, they fell like Humpty Dumpty and I was livid with embarrassment! Never again.

I did wonder though: ‘why on Earth they’d have a bunch of 10 cushions placed in front of vases on the bottom shelf’?! It’s a bit odd to say the least… I mean, I’ve never known anyone to do a 360 degrees turn around a table just to check if there’s some CROCKERY behind a cushion… WHAT THE FUDGERIGAR?! (if a bird was made of toffee).

A lady who works there shared my pain (without the added mortifiedness of smashing an item) and reassured me it was “all good” and that there were “too many cushions there, anyway”. She also, like a legend, cleared up my mess. Didn’t mention the stupidity of putting cushions in front of the crockery though… Alas.

I must’ve really embarrassed momski, but she still loves me (as I do her) and was there for me during and after my embarrassing ordeal. She did also warn me that I’d drop it, I was just feeling those #ThugLyf vibes… Sorry mum! 🙈💛

That was when my eyes met with a delightful, orange, holey throw… I can’t tell you how soft, bright, and stunning it was – but I’m going to…


It was orange (less like DT’s burnt skin-shade THANK GOD but more like a juicy Orange 😍). It just looked DIVINE. I wanted it.

Habitat were doing 20% off everything, so I bought it and have been snuggling in it all day…

It’s so comforting, comfortable, and a-comma-dating. Imagine I dated a comma. #Punctuation. Let’s get #Grammatical, #Grammatical, I want to get #Grammatical… Let me see your #Apostrophe! 😜

Soft and warm, with a chunky pattern, the Topaz orange and cream knitted cotton throw adds colour and texture to a scheme.

Designed in house and exclusive to Habitat, the throw is lightweight yet cosy, the perfect piece to have at hand for chilly evenings.

In terms of room decor, this throw gets a PUNCH (above the rest, like Anthony Joshua), 10/10!

For colour, I’d give it another 10/10.

For price, usually – I’d give it an: “are you having a BATH without something from LUSH in there?!” On this occasion, because I smashed some crockery, and it’s worth it – like bae – I’d give it an “AOK.”

Not bad, Habitat… Not bad at all! It’s not bad enough to be — good!