De Christ Wine

This wine uses a blend of 75% Sémillon, 10 % Sauvignon and 15 % Muscadelle.

It is bred in our cellars for a minimum of 2 to 3 months before it is bottled.

Very aromatic, very well balanced (sugar / alcohol), long persistence in the mouth.

Consumed very fresh (around 6 ° C) as an aperitif and fits perfectly white meats and with foie gras.

Let yourself be surprised by an astonishing pairing with Roquefort!

Finally, it will accompany wonderfully sweet desserts like wild strawberries.

Aging potential: 5 years.

Alcohol content: 10.5%

Christ the saviour of your Friday and Saturday nights is born… 

OH MY GOD, I can’t believe it… I’ve never been this hungover at home. (‘hungover’ as in hanging over my bedroom’s chandelier like Sia)🎶

You know what, I like wine the normal amount… I mean, I don’t like it as much as Phil Mitchell of Eastenders does…  But, I like it enough to drink it socially on nights in/out.

However, the ones I’m used to have a tendency to be too high in alcohol content, tasting too much like it too… I know what you’re thinking: “U WOT, MATE?!” I get it, I know…

Although, I did hear that the sign of a good wine means you shouldn’t be able to taste much of the alcohol. It’s the same with cocktails… Of course there should be a taste, but it shouldn’t be full on that you end up on the phone to 111 after you’ve had a few.

I’ll be pleased to know that De Christ wine isn’t one that tastes too much of alcohol. It’s so fruity, sweet and tasty – unlike any I’ve tried before. Much like bae.

I’m sure diabetes has tried knocking on my door (like a Jehova’s witness) since I’ve got this (potentially before), but I’ve let them in. We take it in turns, I read them a few passages from my blog, and they read me a list of their insulin stats dated 18 BC to 2017.

This wine tastes how I feel when I look at selfies of bae. SUGAR RUSH! 😍 and as though I’ve been frolicking in a factory of Werther’s Original, cos he’s worth it.

Although I love both white and red, this has converted me and I’m now a fully fledged white wine drinker.

I can’t have too much of any wine though because my head feels as though it’s hanging from the other side of a teacup ride. You know those rides at the fairground? Yeah, imagine my neck being what Stretch Armstrong is… You’re welcome.