This is chock-a-block with delicious butters and oils to leave your skin looking plumped up, gorgeous, and smelling of roses. Take this into the shower or bath, massage over wet skin and rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner. We’ve used deeply nourishing argan oil, which is thought to have anti-ageing properties as it’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and added brazil nut and almond oils as well as cocoa, shea and cupuaçu butters to leave your skin supple and radiant.

Ro's Argan

Ro, ro, ro your boat gently down to LUSH… Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily buy absolutely every batch of this!

Do you wake up in the morning wanting to feel like how P Diddy would feel if he was a member of the finest species of the aquatics? Word on the street is that you do… That’s why you need to get your mind, body and soul some of this.

Ro’s Argan body conditioner – or as my brother might call it “Ro’s Orang-utan body conditioner”… Don’t ask. Seriously, I tried asking a while back and it didn’t go down too well, nor get answered.

To me, it smells like cinnamon. If you smell it and can’t sense the hint, I’ve obviously been sticking my nose in the wrong place.

I bathe in Ro’s Argan as you would shower gel.

It’s basically conditioner – but for the body… I know what you’re thinking, “NO SH*T THREE AND A HALF SHERLOCKS!”

But, seriously, it’s great if you use this in shower while shaving because I assume they hairs’ll grow back finer. I wax mine, so I can’t comment. However, I’ve heard shaving with hair conditioner softens the growth, so I’m guessing it’s the same with this.

I don’t have anything to say other than dolphins are the be all and end all of the aquatics. If you can find me someone who doesn’t like dolphins, I’ll show you someone who shouldn’t exist in society. Harsh, but fair.