Banana Bread

I had banana bread for lunch the other day, and it reminded me that I know of a really tasty recipe that I’ve yet to post up, so – here it is…

Before we get into it, I need to confess that my mother’s potential reincarnation to human (from monkey) may be the reason why I love bananas so much. She adores them, I adore her. It’s that simple. She eats bananas like I do sushi.

Without further ado… (Much ado about everything)…

In the ‘gred’ of ‘ients’:

  • 2 large eggs after Michael Jackson has finished with them… #Beaten
  • 70 grams of a naughty pack of almonds which you’ve been forced to ground #ThugLyf
  • 70 grams flour that did a Mowgli from the Jungle Book (and raised itself)
  • 2 large ripe bananas, so ripe!
  • 140 grams of ‘butter me up’ butter

The Methodone programme (as seen on Jezza):

  1. Turn up the heat of your oven to approximately (or exactly) 180C/160C fan/gas mask 4. Yes, I said mask. #DarthVader
  2. Butter up a loaf tin and line the base and sides with baking parchment (also known as heat-proof paper).
  3. Mix the butter and sugar until creamy, light and fluffy. Now, like a sloth – slowly start add the eggs and gradually include flour.
  4. Fold (your arms) in the remaining flour, ground almonds, baking powder and bananas.
  5. Transfer the mixture from your bowl and into the tin, baking for approximately 30 mins or until a skewer comes out clean.
  6. Remove from oven and leave to cool in the tin.

That’s literally it.

For extra garnish, feel free to add toasted almonds and drizzle some runny icing (icing sugar and 3tsp water). This’ll be sure to turn it into a DELICIOUS Banana & Almond drizzle cake.

Although I don’t have an image of it yet, I’ve posted one that is very similar. As you can see, they’ve opted to garnish theirs with banana chips. I wanted to add almonds because banana and almond make for a perfect, tasty match. Much like me and bae.