Tonight has been one of the busiest nights, ever! I actually didn’t get home until about 8pm, and I’ve been cooking/eating/blogging since I arrived. I left work at around 5 and went in search of fresh tuna steaks… I couldn’t find any (fresh ones).

I checked Iceland because one branch in particular was the closest…

I’m sorry but their ones looked like they’ve been there since my date of birth.

Also, I know they’re a supermarket called ‘Iceland’ but I wasn’t expecting everything to look like it’s literally been in a freezer for 76 and a half years…

I mean, come on! There’s being a frozen food store and then there’s selling icebergs in the shape of food! The one I was in today was the latter.

Imagine trying to defrost the produce from my one in particular… You’d be standing next to your microwave/oven for seven centuries and a few decades (at the very least)…

Mums go to Iceland‘??? Yeah, maternal ESKIMOS!

However, I do want to make a point that Iceland does stock the best desserts and Ice cream. What’s more, I’m sure their packaged foods are great too – I’ve just not been impressed with their seafood selection thus far. Having said that, I did see some lobster tails and scallops that I thought looked like they should be in the mouth and down the hatch.

Anyway, back to my quest for fresh tuna  – which in case you can’t keep up, there wasn’t any fresh, tasty looking ones in Iceland. I then went to the local co-op, didn’t Get Lucky in there either…

Look, in hindsight, I could’ve easily searched the high road for a fishmonger, but it was 7ish (and I needed bladder relief) – ain’t no fishmonger gonna have fresh fish that late. Yes, I could’ve gone to Billingsgate but then again, no – no I couldn’t. 😭

I keep going off on tangents, sorry! So, somehow I ended up buying Sockeye salmon fillets to make instead… This is proof of that world famous saying: “if at first you don’t tuna, try a Sockeye salmon gain”. 

God only knows where the name ‘Sockeye’ derived from. Whether or not the fisherman who discovered this very fish realised a sock had been ‘pon its eye and thought: “let’s call it sockeye”, we may never know…

The recipe is as follows (like Twitter):

  • Coconut oil
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Cayenne Pepper

What to do when you’re B(eing) Q(ute):

Spread coconut oil all over the fillet, sprinkle cayenne pepper together with the sesame all over (front and back). Leave the salmon to grill itself in the pan, on a medium heat for approximately 4mins (each side).

You can flip the salmon (like a savoury and nothing to do with batter pancake) using a spatula. Hands up who likes spatulas the normal amount that anyone should?  🙌

Oh, before I forget (not that I could because it’s in the picture), I added a handful of mixed nuts, a cheese stuffed mini pepper and and an artichoke “on a bed of” leafy greens. Masterchef, come GET ME!

Finally, my mum makes grilled plantain and a special chilli sauce (also seen in the picture – the sauce).

The recipe for mum’s chilli sauce (I assume) is plum tomato, endless amounts of scotch bonnet chills and finely chopped onions..? Don’t quote me on it though.

Mum, if you’re reading this, I apologise profusely for either getting your recipe completely wrong or giving away your chilli sauce  recipe secret (if it’s right).

But, I’m sure She Doesn’t Mind.