Bobbi Brown

I’ve decided not to seal my lips on this one… I actually can’t believe I hadn’t written about it before, because it’s awesome. That’s right, Bobbi Brown‘s Salmon.

This lipstick is absolute GOALS! The first time I discovered it was in John Lewis or House of Fraser, either or… Listen, I have the memory of Dory when it comes to stuff like this… I can hardly remember what I said a second ago.

Anyway, I suppose you could say Bobbi Brown’s Salmon could be referred to as a dupe to Kylie Jenner’s Dirty Peach; the only difference being it doesn’t dry matte and isn’t a liquid lipstick. If I had to describe the colour, I’d say it’s a subtle orange which could be built on to look bolder. Basically, it’s PENG!

I love orange and orang-utans. Not that this lipstick has anything to do with the latter… At 11:30pm (when I wrote this sentence) I had orang-utans on my brain. Nice!

This creamy, semi-matte lipstick from Bobbi Brown gives lips instant polish with rich, full coverage. Wear alone or pair with Lip Liner or one of Bobbi’s Lip Glosses- depending on your desired effect. Black lipstick case features metallic chrome detailing.

I love it. It’s lip/lipstick goals… It’s snogable, marriable, but definitely not avoidable! You need it in your life, on your lips, on your s/o’s lips… These are the words that should be on everybody’s (lips) and in everybody’s mouths.

Bobbi Brown Salmon (fishing in Yemen) = bae.

Tbh, I have no idea what else I can say that’ll make you want to invest like some kind of Dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Just – don’t declare yourself “out” until you’ve tried it, yeah? You’re going to want to do that at least!

Forget Yemen for the moment, go Salmon fishing in the Bermuda Heptagon (cos the Triangle’s is a 8!7CH!). Also, try Salmon eating in my house ’cause I cooked it and will be writing up the review soonish (unless I eat it before publishing) in which case – it’s a Hard Knock Life for you!