Cargo Cosmetics HD

Seeing as it’s Easter soon, can I get an AMEN?! Cargo Cosmetics’ liquid foundation is life to my skin.

Funny story, like most things – I thought I lost this. Genuinely. It was only after going through endless amounts of bags after a move that I found it. Full. My baby (of the foundation variety) was FULL! I used it today, didn’t I? Of COURSE I did. Check out the video below. Please and thanks.

My Video <

Also, I’m well aware there’s no sound in the video. You’re just going to have to lipread, ’cause it’s not like you don’t mind read, is it? Thanks.

Anyway, enough about my video… Read what Cargo Cosmetics, themselves, have to say!

Oil-free foundation with medium to full coverage creates a smooth, and flawless complexion for on and off camera!
Formulated for high definition filming, foundation contains light diffusing pigments for an optical blurring effect. Silky formula glides on and blends seamlessly.

  • Infused with moisturizing agents and antioxidants to hydrate and protect the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Paraben free.

I always experiment with other foundations, but find myself back with this one… It’s the bae I don’t want to get awae… Maybe, just maybe, it’s because I don’t actually want it to? It will always have my heart (and my face).

Giving credit where credit’s due, my best friend introduced me to this foundation. She has majorly good taste in makeup (and just about everything else). She’s a keeper of a BFF!

What do I love about Cargo Cosmetics’ HD foundation? Probably that it’s a HD one that keeps my selfies/videos looking human and not zombie like; oh – and the shade is PERF! It suits my Lebanese Polarbearability to a T-BT. (not the Broadband, switch to Virgin, yeah?) Again, thanks.

In terms of wearage, I’m guessing it’s demi-matte? So, not completely, there’s still a glow in there – especially in hot weather. No, ladies that’s not PERSPIRATION, okay? We shower and use 96hour deodorants, don’t we? 🔥😉👊

Course we do! We don’t sweat, we glow…😘 Like Rudolph’s nose. Just, 365 days a year (and then some)…

How do I love to apply it? With a brush, obvs. But, I have been putting This Works’ In Transit underneath and WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU! FAM!

It’s a BEAUT of a coverage/application… Beyonce’s flawless be looking BTEC in comparison… Joking! Absolutely joking! She’s a QUEEN!!!!!!! Don’t tell her I said that, okay? Please. ‘Cause I’m SURE my FAKE NEWS would matter to a billionaire Goddess who rubs shoulders with the likes of Obama (and makes ‘Crazy in Love’ with Jay Z)… I LOVE HER‼️❤️