The Pengest Munch, The Chicken Connoisseur

I’m running a poll on Twitter and my loyal one follower voted that I should blog about Entertainment today. So, here goes nothing!

It’s slightly worrying that Donald Trump got more votes in the general Presidential election than I did on Twitter but let’s leave that for when I decide to blog about politics – which is never… What am I going to say about the subject, though? They all chat “Shiza Minelli”?

Right, anyway, onto my second favourite YouTuber – ‘The Pengest Munch’. This guy, also known as ‘The Chicken Connoisseur’ (Elijah Quashie), is absolutely hilarious to watch. He basically rates breaded chicken wings, cans of Strawberry Miranda/Ginger Beer and Fillet Burgers & Chips like they’re à la carte at a fine dining restaurant, but with a “roadman” twist. 🍗🍔🍟

He shot to fame with the video below, filmed in Tottenham, at ‘The Chick King’. This video alone has been viewed over 3,000,000+ times to date. His channel has a total of 575,047 subscribers (since this post was published) and has enjoyed at least 26,873,809 views.

Personally, I’m going to stick my neck out on the line and say that this video is still my favourite of all… I think it’s just because this video was the the first time most of us discovered him and that sort of thing sticks…

Personally, I believe his humour, together with his passion for chicken wings, is what I believe has made him so popular on YouTube and its community. I love that he’s so honest and doesn’t breadcrumb coat his reviews (the only sugar found in his videos come from sipping Miranda). Elijah’s actually the reason why I’ve become obsessed with chicken wings… I love KFC’s ones and Nando’s ones of course (because they’re healthier and tastier).

Going back to The Pengest Munch, which video’s your favourite? Give me a siiiiiiiiiiiign… Tell me baby, the first time! 🎶