Pukka Three Ginger

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – “your last post was about tea and you’re doing another one?!” Why, yes! Yes, I want to express my love for teas. To be honest with you, I love coffees more than tea, but teas are a better choice for detoxifying the body.

Pukka’s Three Ginger tea is excellent. You’ll notice that I have a slightly large obsession with ginger. I love ginger. Ginger, giraffes, ginger giraffes… Yeah, I’m obsessed!

No, I don’t know why it’s called Three Ginger… I wasn’t aware that there was more than one type of ginger… I do however know that you should read on.

Three Ginger tea is a warming swirl of organic ginger, galangal & golden turmeric.

Anyway, the ginger tea is very strong but I like it. If you like ginger, you’ll love this.The ingredients are ginger, galangal and golden turmeric. It’s spicy, but bearable.

All Pukka teas contain the highest quality organic herbs.

Have you tried Pukka’s Three Ginger tea? What were your thoughts? Get involved in the comments or send me a mind message ’cause you’re good at that…

Last word: it’s PUKKA, MATE! BONZA.