Brand pranks are the best, aren’t they? I love the humour that brands and services provide around the time of April Fool. However, there was one in particular, that happened a month prior that I’ll never forget. KFC’s #CleanEatingBurger.

This one had me in hysterics because I actually thought, even for a second, that it could be real. I mean, I didn’t think it was actually a cauliflower base, I just thought they made a bun look like that. ūüôą Only Judge Rinder can judge me. I’d like to point out that I quickly realised it was a joke, like after I had time to phantom-ly digest it (news and burger).

Okay, now that we’ve seen that one, let’s have a look at others brought to us by brands and services that we know and love.

Google Gnome

#GoogleGnomate MORE LIKE.. As cute as gnomes are, I don’t think¬†we need smart ones. I’m still trying to keep up with smartwatches… The only thing I like about this is that it’s a sassy gnome. I do think we need more sass. Google, phone gnome. #ET.

Another one from Google was Google Wind… Google Netherlands have unveiled¬†Google Wind, which uses¬†windmills to “blow all the clouds away from the Netherlands”.¬†Whether you agree with this or not, it’s pretty cool of them to¬†want to replace¬†smart with… FART.

BMW dDrive

BMW announced¬†‘dDrive’… It’s a dog basket/bed thing which makes you feel¬†like you’re¬†driving on the open road.

Coca Cola

If Red Bull gives you wings every day including April Fool’s Day, Coca Cola want to give you a lift – by adding helium to their cokes.


Krispy “Cream” n√©e Kreme

So, like the CHEKE¬†of Krispy Kreme announcing that they’re to change their name from ‘Kreme’ to CREAM because some of us in the UK don’t know how to pronounce it. That’s a bit rich coming from them…


Here’s one for the old Donald Fart of USA… If he wasn’t orange enough, he’s about to be TANGOED! Cheetos have of course developed a Spray Tan to make any old satsuma jealous.

Paddy Power

If you’re bored of betting on land horses, you’re in luck, Paddy Power: betting shop, are launching the “Sea Horse Race” down under…


Boxers? Those are a breed of DOG, apparently. What all men need are a pair of men’s knickers, also known as ‘SNICKERS’.

These are all well and good, but I do have my favourites…


Freeview’s DChannel and BBC Three’s David Attenborough Life of Grime (below)


Other funny ones are…

Rally Beard Sauce

Deliveroo’s Extreme Delivery

Honda’s In-Car Dating App


Auntie Anne’s NEW Snapchat Filter Logo