Laughter. There are many different forms, but most of them suggest the same thing – you’re having fun.

Laughter is the best medicine

The most important thing in life is the ability to look back and know you had a good time. The only way to tell? You laughed. Seriously, our brains are known to remember the happiest of memories over the saddest. Why do you think “memory blocks” happen n traumatic times and not when we’re reminiscing about something funny?

I’m no scientist, but I know that laughter triggers endorphins (three guesses as to who’s fins are my favourite *indoor* ones?! 😆😉) aka happy mind, body and soul cells.

Seriously though, all jokes aside, read the above list of things that laughter (alone) can bring. They don’t use the phrase: “laughter is the best medicine for nothing”, you know!

Of course, life isn’t just about laughing… There are times when we need to be serious and laughter would be the last thing on our minds, but it’s all about being able to overcome the struggles and being able to laugh again, a little louder and more deeper/sincerely than we were able to prior to the rough patch.

There are people who attend “laughter yoga” sessions, you know this – right? No, seriously. People actually go to a class where they just laugh. The trick is, although you start laughing out of force and having to, you actually end up naturally laughing because the whole concept is strange, and chances are you’re sitting/standing next to someone with a hilarious laugh.

Laughter is good for the mind, body and the soul. It’s like music to others’ ears, hence why sayings like:

your laugh is funnier than the joke

exist. The act of laughing is infectious.

I just want to thank the one/s who make me laugh every day. Truly, you are something special. I’ll never, ever, forget you.