No falsies. No extensions. Just fibres. Our most x-treme false lash look ever.

 Very.co.uk have these on offer at 3-for-2. You’re welcome!

L’Oréal & co. ain’t messing about, are they?! Wow. I am besotted, in the face, by WELL FIT… LASHES!

LASHINGS OF LASHES. LASHTASTIC. LASH-BASHING-IN-LASHGOS! (I also haven’t got the foggiest as to what the last sentence meant 🤣).

Lash time I wrote about a mascara was when I introduced myself to Benefit’s They’re Real. Can you LASHIEVE that?! It’s been too long (lashes)…

Fibers are the game changer of the Lashing(ton) industry. Younique have a fiber mascara that’s supposedly incredible, but I’ve yet to try it, because I found that there are like seven unopened mascaras waiting to be used.

This is what happens when you’re in the middle of a Spring clean/clear out, you find things you didn’t even know you had… For all I know, I could turn into the Australian comedian-blogger who shot to viral-sensation fame after applying several years old mascara to her eyes and couldn’t see for the duration of her tutorial… 🙈

Seriously though, I got this one after chucking out the seven unopened ones that I found and haven’t looked back…

Listen, before you start talking to me about makeup waste, I don’t fancy visiting the opticians so… I actually value my sight and health – contrary to what this blog might tell you about me! 😆

Introducing new False Lash X-Fiber Mascara, for our ultimate false lash look without the hassle of false lashes or eyelash extensions. Extreme length, extreme volume, extreme buildability.

I have apparently what could be described as: ‘longer than the average person’s lashes’. My teacher in sixth form used to joke that my lashes arrived before I did… 🤣 No lie, she used to gently tug at them to see if they were real.

I have never, ever, applied falsies… I just have a what-I-assume ‘different way of applying mascara’. I think it’s down to the fact that I’m obviously using a different technique? I know this because they don’t look as long as they do with mascara than they do without.

Well, if all else fails, I’ll just be a lashes-only makeup artist. Just, don’t trust me with the rest of your face, I’d probably turn you into Ronald McDonald and The Dark Knight’s lovechild.

So, yeah, I have long-ish lashes so I wanted to see how this mascara was going to make them look because false-lash mascaras don’t always work well on longer lashes. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ll remember to take a photo and post-it like a note on your wall or computer screen later.

It’s honestly awesome. I like that it doesn’t clump my lashes either. It’s very similar to ‘They’re Real’ by Benefit, it’s just cheaper (WINNING) and in my opinion – nicer – in terms of results (and packaging too). Benefit’s one reminds me of something a mechanic would use. The space grey colour together with the weird shape… It’s just strange. Different, but still strange.

Last word/s on the subject: this mascara is… umm… worth it. BADUM TCH(IBO)! 😉

If these were kisses, I’d give them XXXXX. #XRated.