Oh wow. I cannot believe I have to write (well, choose to write) about boiled egg being used as beauty blenders

I, personally, don’t think chickens laid eggs for us to be blending in foundations, concealer, highlight and contour – but we’ll get to that in a second…

I was flicking through the Moments feed on Twitter, last night, and came across a beauty blogger who used boiled eggs (peeled) to blend her make-up with “flawless” results, apparently!

If you’re using a boiled egg to blend your makeup, it shows a “flaw” in your brain more than anything imo…

Could you imagine if I just started slathering beetroot on my lips to get red/pink lip stains? Avocados on my eyes for eyeshadow… Oranges for my contour… Just, imagine. It’s messed up.

The reasons beauty blenders exist is to BLEND our beauty products. As I said, a chicken did not lay an egg for us to use it as an prop to apply makeup with… It’s unhygienic firstly, followed by the fact that it’s completely stupid and ridiculous.

I mean, how do you even come up with the concept? Who is weird enough to look at a boiled egg that’s peeled and think: “you know what, this shape, weird wet consistency, together with the smell would work wonders to blend my makeup”. Are we actually crazy?

Look, even if my RealTechniques Beauty Blender started showing signs of wear and tear, I would never under any circumstances turn to a boiled egg or any form of food to apply my makeup. I’d use my washed and cleaned hands or a brush. But, an egg? No, I’d eat that shizz or bake with it (not when boiled, obvs).

I love eggs. Honestly, I could eat boiled eggs like they’re M&Ms. #OD’d. 💖

But, why are some people using them to apply their makeup, I don’t get it? Do you understand this hype? Get in touch if you think it’s a cool idea or if you (like me) think it’s bizarre.