This review on Fiji water is extremely late.

I have been drinking this for YEARS but never thought to write about it because I just never remembered to…

Look – Buxton, Evian, Volvic, Smartwater… (when you surprise yourself at your level of understanding into the mineral/spring water industry) … They’re all good, but Fiji is by far the best imo. I love how island-ic it looks and tastes.

Not only can you see how iconic it looks, but you can taste it too. If I had to describe its taste, I’d say it’s smooth (and “mattifying” – #bblogger & #hblogger lingo) to the tastebuds. I love it. What’s more, it actually tastes exotic.

I always buy a bottle or 10 whenever I see them in a store.


Let’s discuss the packaging, yeah? Oh wow, it’s so different to any water bottle I’ve ever seen… It actually looks like or more expensive than its cost price when in comparison with other artisan water brands. Do you know any? 😆

I’m surprised it’s not a HUGE trend on Instagram tbh. Those colourful Starbucks shakes are good, but these bottles are just as good if you ask me…

Next time you see these in a shop, pick one up and taste the difference.

You can buy them in bulk at Ocado, apparently. O C A D O, 🎶

Finally, I would go as far as to say I get Fiji-ty when I haven’t had access to one of these, a coffee, a Yorkshire Tea or a selfie of your Cajunderrated SPICY, SAXY, Marvin Gaye Kareoke-inducing face. 💖

No H2O(T) beats YOU and purified water, FYI.