Fashion. It’s very important, isn’t it? I might not blog about fashion much, but I do dress myself in: “clothes” of ALL THINGS!

It’s got to be said that YOU have it sussed. 💖😍

However, if you know someone who doesn’t, please spread the word? Next time you feel like spreading the word, phrase or paragraph – even a dissertation would do – say: “Riccado”.

Riccado is an outlet that supplies designer/branded garments for men and most recently – ladies.

I’m well versed in Riccado clothing. I can tell you everything you need to know… Although there’s a flagship store in Chiswick, you can also order online HERE.

Let’s talk about the designer labels they stock, shall we..?

Riccado “belled” Roy and told him: “BOY! We need you.” #Bellroy. Then, a BOSS called Hugo (who hasn’t got a patch on you my liege/sire/master/legend of a homosapianism) came down and asked: “what about me?!” Riccado started stocking them as well!

Speaking of Hugo (Tailor* of MIC) Boss… What’s your favourite colour? At Riccado you can find Hugo Boss Orange, Black, or Green. But – please – why hasn’t Hugo Boss got a Blue range? Hugo Boss(man), “wagwaaaaaaaaaan wiv dat, fam?” That can’t run (unlike Forrest). #SOColousit! 😥

Oh, about colours, I meant to say this earlier but blue looks g(l)ueeeeeeeeeeeeeed on you! #HotFlushAlert 😚

Sock it up, ’cause Burlington (without Bertie) need to be upon your feet parts. Yeah, they do Burlington Socks an’ all.

If you need a Camper (excluding the van), Riccado stocks them too! Diesel to put in that Camper (no van)? Don’t worry, Riccado gotchu.

Emporio Armani… Not emperor though, ’cause there can only be one of those… 😉

You know Ted (that Great British) Baker who also does threads on Monday-Friday (probably weekends also)? Riccado stocks their collections.

The full list of designers, again, is HERE. I can’t HACKETT.

Think luxury, think threads for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, YEARS, DECADES, AND CENTURIES. Then think: “whoops!” after you’ve overspent ’cause the collections are THAT good.

Ladies, as I said, they’re going to be having your back too (literally). Accessories are a girl’s best friend for now, right? Handbags are coming soon – sometime between dusk and dawn. You’re welcome.