0256a561f0076deb4d7324625fde90e5This post is HAIR to stay… 💖

Right, your follicles need to try the best high street hair colour to ever be invented since the day the person who personifies their slogan was born.

I love red hair on myself. It all started in the days when Cheryl Tweedy rocked it. #BlackCherry – I don’t blame you for having to do a ‘360’ (number of shade) take.

Yeah, I kinda, sorta rocked it too… Picture BALOO. Yes, three out of four of us had red hair here (2013/4), but I’m the one on the far right. This was right before we set up our girlband: ‘Chiquitito, Tell Me (You’re Hungry and) You’d Like A Burrito‘#SortOfLikeMammaMia #ButAlsoKindOfNot…


Umm… What else is there to say other than my hair shined, glossed, looked extremely healthy and less homeless-looking? Result.

The price is affordable and the conditioner/shampoo that it comes with ‘Royal Jelly’ is the most perfect shampoo I’ve ever used. Putting the majestic and regal in ROYAL JELLY!

L’Oréal needs to stock full-sized bottles of the stuff, I’d use it forever. So, if you’re reading this L’Oréal, help a girl out!

Right, I’ve got two more posts to write… This was my favourite though, still.