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Française? France SAYS: “YES!” more like! 👀💖

Garnier’s Sleek Restorer is a shampoo and conditioner combo that I cannot get enough of. I love coconuts, I love cocoa butter, and I love exotic things that remind you of a Caribbean island or somewhere in paradise!

This one in particular is one taken from their Ultimate Blends collection. It’s also my favourite.

Discover two of nature’s smoothest operators. Enriched with pure Coconut Oil and nourishing Cocoa Butter from the Ivory Coast blended with love in a deliciously-scented, velvety formula to tame and nourish dry flyaway hair. C’est sleek.

I remember purchasing this years ago and thinking that it’s one of those shampoos that really agrees with my hair. Believe it or not, it’s very hard for me to find a shampoo that does this. I’ve tried Herbal Essence, which greased the heck out of my hair! I’ve tried Lee Stafford’s HAiR GRowTH – and – on the face* of it – it was okay, but when I paid my hairdressers a visit, they told me it (together with the excessive use of bleach) had been the cause of my dry patches at the time.

REMEMBER: shampoos with sulphate in are bad for the hair, they dry your strands out BIG TIME! So, if you regularly bleach your hair – use sulphate free shampoos!


Obviously, if I had to choose a hair shampoo that I love more than life, I’d choose label.m’s Diamond Dust. However, my second favourite is this one, closely followed by Head & Shoulders (Knees and Toes). About that, I thought I’d written about the apple one?  🤔Maybe not. I’ll write up a review of it next week though… ✍️

Why do I love Garnier’s Sleek Restorer? I love it because it tames my kinky follicles. I find my hair looks shinier and stronger too. Garnier (itself) is a pretty good brand for it uses the purest ingredients to make up its products.

The ingredients of the Sleek Restorer are Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, because I’m “butters”, apparently. Ask my brother (who shares the same DNA as me) for more details. 😆