I realise that I very rarely focus on hair care products, so I thought I’d get this one out because I’ve been obsessed (the average and usual amount that’s allowed for hair masks, obvs) with it!

The only #MondayMotivation you’ll need is booking a spa weekend on impulse, counting down the days until you’re there, relaxing poolside with a prosecco in one hand and your phone open on Twitter, Insta or Facebook in the other as you “investigate” (synonyms: stalk) Bae. 🎱 🏊

However, not all of us can afford to take time off work or book a spa weekend away so soon… Instead – why not bring the spa to you? Choose: SEN SPA. Is SEN short for SENSATIONAL? Probably. We may never know…

So, like, am I really going to explain to you how it works? Yes. Strap yourself in and enjoy the still (and non-moving) ride… The only things that are going to move are your eyes and your fingertips as you scroll down, I hope. ‘Tis tiring business this reading thing! How’ll you cope? You may need a few jagers for Dutch (or wherever you are… in my case: ‘British’) courage.

You wash you hair. You shampoo it. You rinse the shampoo out. Well done, you’ve JUST washed your hair. Certified hairdresser, now! COME AT MY TRESSES! 💇🏻

It’s time for SEN SPA. Scoop up a handful, spread it evenly (but generously) across your hair, root to tip and remember to massage it into the scalp too. Leave it on for 5-10mins, then rinse out. Please bare in mind that this is an intensive clay mask, so usually, I wait until it starts to harden a little bit before washing up. Look, it’s not going to go rock hard! No, you’re not going to need a chisle to get it off! 😂 It’s just clay, so it hardens…

The ingredients are as follows: Abyssinian Oil (aka Oil found in the Abyss, it’s OK – Einstein knighted me with an IQE in 1935 so you don’t have to). Do I claim to know the other ingredients? No. Am I bothered to squint while trying to read the small print ingredients section for the purpose of this blog? Again, no. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s got Moroccan Lava Clay in it. The land of the tagines, couscous (the thing that Shaggy wants to bottle as a fragrance and gives to his girls in replacement of Oud). Fun fact: ‘Boombastic‘ was the song with the lyrics “Mr Lava Lava” and “cous-cous perfume”, so – I hazard a guess that the CEO of SEN SPA is crushing real hard on Ye Olde Shaggy and decided to use Moroccan Lava Clay in their masque in ode to him. Young love, eh?