I had never heard of Lisap until the end of 2016… I went to cut my hair at a newly discovered hairdresser, and the game was well and truly changed.

It’s a leave-in spray for the hair that moisturises and revitalises it – leaving it soft, shiny and very healthy/nourished looking. Truth be told, the only other reason besides cutting it, brushing it and using Olaplex – that my hair has been looking less homeless – is because of this. I can honestly say it’s helped my hair a lot. Split ends are a thing of the past.

Lisap – as far as I know – is an Italian brand. When they’re not making love, cooking pizza or pasta, they’re manufacturing this and hosting family get togethers and OD’ing on cannolis! #Bellissimo #CaioBella

The good thing about this is you can spray it on wet or dry hair and even use it before styling, so it’s multi-purpose. Also, I did notice that some sprays I’d used in the past stripped my hair from the colour, this one makes it more vibrant. The colour stays shinier and brighter for longer. Ladies, or gents, you need this!