Obviously, LUSH’s Dark Angels was made solely for the face and the body. Just because our teeth make up part of our face, sadly – that doesn’t mean Dark Angels was made for them too! 😭

Rather than continuing with brushing my teeth with Dark Angels, I decided to buy a charcoal toothpaste from Holla & B‘s! Enter Ecodenta.

Charcoal is my favourite thing! I reckon, if it was legal to marry objects without actually being married (does that make sense, probably not… Do I care, again – probably not!), I’d choose facial charcoal-included things. 😍😍😍

What does it look like? A black, shiny gel/paste in a black and white squeezey tube. Original. Douze pwaaaa’ for that!

The taste? I don’t know, liquorice and mint? Hilarious that – as I was attempting to type “liquorice” – my autocorrect fancied writing Liverpudlians instead, FFS! I, honestly, don’t even know what to say/do… Genuinely, I might as well give up now!

No, it doesn’t taste like Liverpudlians, I don’t know (nor want to know) what Liverpudlians taste like… One Yorkshire Pud(ding)lian wouldn’t go amiss, though! #SundayRoast 😋

So, I now know that when my teeth look less Matt Le Blanc and more Duck L’Orange, Ecodenta is the way forward. Yes, it does whiten. I knew it would because charcaol, the blackest object known to man and lady, whitens. It’s a scientific anomaly mate!

Ecodenta’ll leave a smiley shaped hole in your heart (not your mouth), that only Fixodent can Phil (Mitchell).

I want to end this post with my favourite saying: “smile with teeth, be a heart thief!” You’re worth it. Peng ting, peng tang. ❤