Last week, I visited Holland & Barrett to pick up some whitening toothpastes to try on this blog – and first up is: AloeDent!

Yes, it’s a well known fact that Aloe Vera has great benefits when taken in drink form, applied on the skin and so on but it’s recently been making headlines as being wonderful for brushing our TEETH with, too!

Apparently, Aloe Vera is used to whiten, strengthen and clean our teeth – protecting the enamel; ’cause them “Molar Bears” are fighting against *that* kind of cruelty!

Do Aloe Vera toothpastes do what they suggest or claim to? The short and simple answer is: YES. The long answer is: “I absolute love how clean my teeth feel, I canny stop licking my teeth like I’m doing some sort of advert. You should definitely invest in one.”

In terms of whitening, yeah, I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I’m sure it’s a gradual thing… Tooth strength? My teeth are a lot less sensitive, so that’s got to be a good thing, right? Yes, AloeDent, in particular, is good but I haven’t yet noticed a huge change where whitening is concerned. However, I have only been brushing for 7 days.

What does it taste like? Aloe Vera, duh?! Look, although Aloe Vera doesn’t sit great on the pallet, it’s very heathy and has proven to be good for our teeth as well. AloeDent’s consistency? Like the Aloe Vera gel that we might apply on rashes or skin irritations to cool them down.

I’ll be doing another toothpaste post soon – just brush* this paste*!

*watch *space.