Another “Gift Ideas for Mummy” post! LUSH have also announced a Daisy shaped bath bomb which I just had to get! It’s absolutely the cutest bath bomb I’ve seen LUSH make imo.

Have you ever smuggled your dirty laundry basket back into the house on a visit to mum, or not been allowed over the doorstep without first taking off your mud-drenched – “Oops a daisy” – socks? If so, this cheerful, grounding bath bomb is designed for you (and your mum).
It slowly dissipates beautiful essential oils – soothing rosewood, delicate rose and bright orange oil – for a fragrance as gently sunny as a Sunday afternoon.

What I found weird though is that it’s shaped like a daisy but smells like a rose – that’s bit strange, no? I’m not sure if daisies have a smell but even so; a rose smelling daisy? That’s not very good is it? Granted, daisies might not have a smell but – seeing as it’s yellow and blue in colour, it could smell like lemon and lime? I’d rather a lemon and lime smelling bath bomb in the shape of a daisy than a rose smelling one… Who’s with me? Am I being silly? Drop your comments below… Anyway, I ranted and forgot to mention that the exact ingredients are Rosewood Oil and Rose Absolute, these make up its main ingredients.

I haven’t seen this one in action – it smells AMAZING (kinda like Rosewater and Rose bush) and is shaped into an amazing daisy flower and the colours are beaut too! My favourite colour of them all, BLUE, makes an appearance.

All in all, the only OOPS (a Daisy) moment LUSH had when they made this was pairing a rose scent with a Daisy shaped and named bath bomb.

Love you more every Daisy