LUSH have announced their Mum bath bomb in time for Mother’s Day, and I got some for mine…

It might seem strange that ‘Ahh moment’ isn’t included in the ingredients list of this calming blushing bath bomb. You’ll certainly experience one when it touches the water. Sicilian lemon and sweet orange oils invite you to lie back with a smile. Rose softens the scent to create a light, fresh and floral experience that smells as satisfying as freshly laundered sheets. Close the door and take your time.

There are two kinds as far as I know – a teal and cream and a green and pink coloured bath melts to choose from, but I assume both have the same ingredients inside? I could be wrong though…

The one I picked up was the green and pink one, and it’s got Sweet Orange Oil, Sicilian Lemon and Rose Oils. When you put it in the bath, it melts to a rosy pink. It’s LUSH!

The shape of it is different and unique to the bath bombs that you usually find at LUSH, it kinda confused me because it was shaped like their massage bars. Alas, it was in the bath bomb section, it smelled like a bath bomb, and was a bath bomb.

I got them to test it out for me in store earlier  on in the week before I actually picked one up for my mum, just in case and I’m pretty sure she’ll love it. She’s also got a Special Edition Pink Tisty Tosty that she’s yet to use.

So, there you have it, what will you getting your Mum this Mother’s Day? Get involved in the comments section below! (or go to the Hut for Pizza and Chill), it’s entirely up to you!

Be tickled pink