It’s time – to face – the LIPSTICK (review). 💄

L’Oréal‘s Colour Riche lipstick is FANTABULOUS, darlings! I mean, it took a LOT of rifling through the bottom drawer in Superdrug to find the exact shade I wanted (because it wasn’t on the counter) but … I FOUND IT AND BOUGHT IT (along with the Infallible foundation and primer).

I did find that the Colour Riche lipstick shades went from one extreme to the other though… Whether you want nude, pink or red – there was no in-between. It’s either too bright or too dark.

There were some shockingly bright Orange shades too (like- if you wanted to be seen on a night out (from the Solar System) you could!) Still, as bold as they were, (and I know for a fact they wouldn’t suit me, personally), I thought they were beautiful.

I got mine in shade 371 – not that this means anything to you at all… Passion. Pink Passion. I bought it because the colour caught my eye, I don’t have any lipsticks like it. It’s weird two-tone colour that’s somewhere in-between pink and coral.

The application was easy, just like a chopstick. The moisture on my lips? Awesome. It is very moisturising and doesn’t dry out the lips. My lips looked shiny and glossy too… So, there wasn’t need for a top coat of lipgloss, not that I would’ve…