I bit the bullet (in tattoo needle and kit form) by getting a TATTOO. Look, St Paddy McGuiness Day might be coming up on the 17th – but for me, every day is a four-leaf clover day!

I got it done by a really talented tattooist in West Hampstead. I’ve been going for consultations for years and end up chickening out last minute (literally) by ending up in Nando’s (bae) or KFC.

I’ve had an intention to get a particular four-leaf clover design for months (seen above), but today, I just thought: ‘if I don’t do it now,  I’m never going to do it’.

Tattoos are for life not just for Christmas, birthdays, Magaluf holidays and drunk nights out… So, you’ve got to make sure it’s something symbolic, meaningful and that you can look back on in years to come and not think: ‘FML!’.


A four-leaf clover is 🍀 symbolic of good luck, and each leaf symbolises something. Faith, hope, love and luck. We all need these things in our lives. So, it was the best design for me. Also, I figured that black tattoos always fade to green anyway, so if I get a green tattoo what’s the worse that can happen? 😂 Besides, I’ve heard that there’s an awesome tattoo ointment out which keeps tattoos from fading. The phrase: “there’s a gel for that!” applies. 💖

So, the “aftercare” (not the aftermath of Jeremy Kyle) involves me waiting three hours for it to soak in all the colours, then I’ll rinse it with water, apply some cream (Bepanthan), and wrap it up in clingfilm again until the 8th hour (like you would a sandwich). Apparently, you do this for three (regular washes and cream applications) – so that it doesn’t dry out…

PRO TIP: wait for your skin to start tightening on and around the tattoo, that’s the best time to apply the cream; it’ll start to feel a bit stingy and sore.

The all important QUESTION: “did it hurt?” Frankly, no it didn’t. It stung when the outline was being done but the rest was fine, just like a small (albeit deep) scratch.

So, do y’all think I can join that band ‘t.A.T.u’? All the things I said… All the things I said… (preferably without the rainy day and passionate kissing behind the caged fence in a school uniform).

Things not to do after getting a tattoo:

Don’t go in the sun for a few months, if you have to – apply a HIGH SPF sun protection.

Don’t scratch it, no matter how itchy it gets – don’t.

Don’t pick at the scabs either.

Don’t rub or touch it often, especially when it’s in the first stages of healing – you could rub the colour off or get it infected.