Okie dokie, artichoke! This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for a few of Days…

The God/s at L’Oréal are smashing the makeup and skincare game into smithereens since the day I discovered of their existence. Great, now shall we continue? Righty-o.

L’Oréal’s Infallible is INFALLIABLE (a word in the Miamii Dictionary of words and phrases to mean IN(credible), FA(ntastic), L(ovely), and LIBLE  aka L(ove) (b)IBLE). You’re welcome.

I purchased the wondrous matte primer and foundation, let me tell you, the foundations were well and truly game, set and matched. I cannot even begin to tell you how smooth the texture felt, it literally felt like I bathed in the Holy L’Oréal Grail of Forever Flawless water.

Now, let’s discuss the foundation. PENG TING, INNIT? THAT RUNS FAM! (LIKE FORREST).

Look, it’s 11:46 in the evening here, and I haven’t so much as SMELT sleep in approximately four weeks! Some turn into zombies, I, on the other hand, turn into a weird trillion miles per hour typist who’s high on her own supply of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Rubicon Mango. It is what it is…


Should you buy the primer and foundation? FAW (SUZANNE) SHAW!

Night, you SEXY homosapien you! 💖

P.S. in Superdrug there’s 3 for 2 on L’Oréal products, so get the deal! I was given the most BEAUTIFUL L’Oréal Beauty Blender for FREE too! 😍 (the LIPSTICK in the picture will be reviewed at a later date).

Stay woke while you poke and tell a joke — that’s LEGIT the BEST and MOST PERFECT!