Love is like pollution, it’s in the air! Kind of like Phil Collins – who’s still ‘In The Air Tonight’ – after that spellbinding and mesmerising drum solo… He’s closely followed by that Gorilla in the Cadbury’s advert, so approach with bananas (and plenty of warm hugs).

Anyway, if you’re not a fan of carbon emissions and pollution, but love Phil Collins and/or romance in general, then you’ll LOVE Lush’s Cupid bath thingy majiggy.

LUSH’s bath bombs are without a doubt my favourite things to include in my bath. They include the most natural ingredients, essential oils, salts and whatnot… It’s great! Why spend your money on buying separate essential oils and salts when you can get them combined in a cute shape and an array of colours?

This post is focussed particularly on LUSH’s ‘Cupid’. You know, the cute and chubby half-naked angel who strikes people using his bow-and-arrow? Yeah, that one!

Be still your beating heart with an opulent bathtime bouquet of calming rose and bergamot. This fantastically floral fizzer is full of uplifting bergamot, rose and violet leaf absolute, and its subtle sweetness is sure to melt your heart as it melts into your bathwater.

LUSH have gone for a minimalist pink heart shape with an arrow  piercing through it, #ShotInTheHeart #BonJoviIsJovialThisWeekend.

This bath melt smells sensational, like it should go viral online. The main fragrances which I could make out are lime, bergamot and a hint of rose. It’s just lovely. Again, like most of LUSH’s bath melts, the smell travels faster than light, allowing everyone on the floor of your bathroom to smell it and get jealous!

Try it with or without a bae, “todae” – or tomorrow when Lush stores reopen. Whenevs. 💘