Are you an aspiring video-blogger? Have you started vlogging as a novice and find yourself wondering how superstar YouTubers succeed? Well, a new BBC Three commissioned series, ‘Pls Like How To Be a Superstar Vlogger’ has been released, and the first episode is glorious!

It follows comedian, Liam Williams aka Vloggy McVlogface, as he goes on a quest to understand what makes a successful vlogger (and slyly mocks them while he’s at it). He meets some of the hugest (albeit undiscovered) names on YouTube along the way – as he tries to complete a series of six challenges set for him by the CEO of Beam HQ (an unestablished PR agency for big name vloggers), with the end goal of winning £10,000.

In the first episode, released today, we see Liam’s attempt at a video application for a “So You Think You Can Vlog?” competition thought up by Beam – where he seems to be lambasting vloggers in a funny way. His hilarity and ability to make a mockery of them ends up winning him the ‘Most Watched’ votes, but also results in having his video taken down by Beam. He then somehow ends up at Beam HQ where he attends and interview with the CEO to talk business…

Liam’s first challenge assigned to him by the BIG boss at Beam is to create his own ‘Welcome’ video for his channel, and who better to turn to for advice than CharlieSouth (an undiscovered superstar video-blogger), and the boyfriend of Milipede (another not-heard-of BIG name on YouTube)?

This series seems to have the best of everything: humour, information, facts, insight, inside knowledge, and a bit of vulnerability (from the vloggers’ perspective). There was a scene in particular where Liam questioned whether CharlieSouth’s millions of “friends”  (folllowers/subscribers) actually knew the real him – in a way that Milipede does… That’s very eye-opening and heart wrenching. Although viewers saw Liam to be negative and sad in the beginning, they realise that even the vloggers themselves are not happy, it’s their jobs to appear happy on social, but even they go through hardships.

Pls Like, as far as I know, is a six-part mockumentary series, but I can see it getting extended because, in just one episode alone, it has done everything and so much more… Well done to all involved!