I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about nail varnish, have I? Whoops! Okay, there’s a first time for everything…

To be honest, I cannot paint both hands… I am one handed when it comes to painting. Literally. It’s so embarrassing how on the one hand (excuse the pun) I look like I’ve had them done at the salon, and when you switch your attention to the other, it’s all: “yeah, my dog painted them for me! Aren’t they TALENTED?!” This is exactly why I haven’t blogged about nail-polishes… I can’t paint both hands. šŸ˜­

However, I do have time on the weekend to pop down to my favourite nail salon and have BioSculpt done! They’re the experts – it’s their jobs, okay? šŸ˜‚

One nail product that I could pass off as my own applying is that of ModelsĀ Own… Their clear HyperGel Top Coat. Oh, Lord! When I don’t have time to go to the salon (like now – due to my knee injury), I have been wearing this and it’s strengthened my nails like you wouldn’t believe (except, you better, because I’m telling you!).

This top coat transforms your entire polish collection! Applied over any nail polish, this thick gel-like formula delivers a plumped up, glossy, smooth finish. With just one coat and no UV, you’ll be left with an immaculate salon-worthy manicure that lasts.

I usually apply around 3 coats, waiting for oneĀ to dry before I apply the next, and then when they’ve dried entirely, I can’t even bend my nails, they’re that strong! What’s more, this gel coat still keeps your nails strong even after the polish is removed. Sadly, that’s something not many nail-polish brands get right.

The gel itself is THICK and leaves your nails stronger and shiny looking. If, like me, you struggle to paint both your hands too, it’s easy to peel off the smudged or spilled polish from the outer sidesĀ of the nail.

I’ve got to admit that I own a lot of their nail polishes, because of theĀ deals that they offer… NoneĀ have disappointed me. The formula is amazing! The finish of all areĀ matte and smooth, which makes nails look even and as though they’ve been done in the salon! (when I askĀ others to do them for me that is)… šŸ˜œ