*(the picture I’ve chosen is somewhat misleading but let’s roll with it)*

I’m thinking of beginning a subscription with GLOSSYBOX

Apparently, for a £10 per month subscription, you’ll receive five premium products sent to you to try for yourself. The best part is that it’s customised for you.

I think it’s a good investment, especially for beauty bloggers or beauty product fanatics.

The only annoying thing is that I hadn’t found out about it a year or so ago! I’d have subscribed with GLOSSYBOX a long time ago if I had known.

I love my music, but I’d easily sit through the adverts on Spotify, if it meant getting five new products to blog about a month… They literally cost around the same price!

I’ve heard that although they give out sample sized products often, they also from-time-to-time send out full-sized ones! Imagine that!

I wish they done one for the lads, tbh… (or do they?)…