Ladies and gentlemen who are into cos-(not ‘lettuce’ because of the #vegcrisis, obvs)-metics!

Do you live in a BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY (not a novel or a song)? Well, Bourjois has something to go on that face, a ‘fond de teint’, babes! #ImFondOfYouFrenchBrands

Anway, no, I don’t work for Bourjois, and no I don’t actually know when it was released but I’m guessing it’s relatively new because I saw it and bought it.

A fresh & luminous complexion
It anti-dullness, formula with radiance-boosting pigments evens out complexion for a natural, fresh-looking, radiant complexion.
Anti-pollution formula:
Its anti-pollution screen prevents the adherence of carbon particles and lets skin breathe
Contains SPF 30 UV screen to protect skin from UVA & UVB, all year round
24hr hydration for all day comfort, a must-have of all urbanites!

I like the packaging of ‘City Radiance‘, it’s very pearly pink and chic looking. It’s different to Bourjois’ usual foundations, but I liked it, in fact, I prefer it.

Like all of Bourjois’ products, this one smells LOVELY!

The shades? Well, there aren’t plenty to choose from so this may hinder your chances of buying it…

The coverage is pretty sheer. It’s not one of full-coverage if you’re asking me – in which case – I’m honoured to be asked and I’m privileged to be answering!

The USP of this foundation is that it’s “anti-pollution“, but then again, you’d bloody hope so – being called ‘City Radiance’ and all, wouldn’t you?

The pros of using this foundation is that it’s also “anti-dullness”. So, no matter how mundane your life is, at least you won’t be looking that way…

I wouldn’t advise faking anything in life, but if your life is mundane, try to look lively/lovely while you’re living it!

Although this will give you radiant and glowing skin, it’s only fair to mention that the rest is up to you… Therefore. make the most of your life, lovers!

Oh, before I forget, it also has SPF 30 included within it… YAY for looking lovely, living a mundane life *sad face* BUT without sunburn!

Finally, it claims to hydrate your face for 24 hours… Now, come on, there’s no real way of testing if that’s really the case without looking scruffy, is there? Who is going to keep their make-up on for a whole 24 hours? I mean, if someone special kisses your cheek and you feel like you’ll never want to wash it again for fear of rubbing off their DNA, just make sure you wash the rest of you! #TopTip

Alright, so, on a scale of ‘yeah it’s purchasable’ and ‘THIS IS THE ONLY FOUNDATION I’LL EVER PURCHASE’, I’m somewhere in between ‘in a case of an emergency’ and ‘if the rest of my foundations ran out’. Still, it’s good and worth a try.