Purple rain…

Don’t let me reign on your parade but… Mandem of the Legion Squadron, my liege,  you need to try this!

A nourishing shaving cream to help you look extra smooth, and smell even better. We’ve used astringent witch hazel extract to constrict the pores, which lifts the hair ready for a close shave. To help protect your skin from the blade, we’ve added linseed mucilage, and calmed the skin down with rose water. The refreshing fragrance is made with a blend of neroli and orange blossom combined with citrus oils of sweet orange and mandarin.

Pick up your Gillettes (not gillet or gilet) and glide it across this, you’ll feel like royalty! Whoever said Gillette (alone) is the best a man can get, obviously haden’t discovered Lush (or L’Oreal).

This shaving cream, aptly named ‘Prince‘, makes Doves Cry. You know them ‘doves’ … aka your signifanct other/s? Well, they’ll cry with happiness after you’ve shaved and subsequently stopped making their skin red raw because of stubble!

This shaving cream smoothen(s) the skin, giving a closer-than-close shave whilst calming it after it has been mowed by a razor and/or electric shaver.

Back on to the topic of them Doves, they’re bound to want more than “your extra time and your… KISS!” once you’ve finished with ‘Prince’!

RIP Prince, you legend, but your music and Lush’s shaving cream is sure to live on in your legacy.

To all you “smooooooth operators” out there… Crack on!