Gentlemen of the land,

You filthy* (but overly good-looking, stylish, and handsome lot), Lush wants you to know that you – as lovely as you are – are not invincible to BO. Just because you stand there all nonchalant with your exquisiteness doesn’t mean that you are not capable of getting dirty…


Why not clean up with Lush’s Dirty Springwash? Two things: it’s not named appropriately because obviously after you’ve bathed or showered in it, you will no longer be dirty. Secondly, it’s not limited to Spring. It’s not going to harm you if you washed with it in the Winter, Summer or Autumn months… As long as you wash with it, it’s all good!

A shower gel to leave you feeling minty fresh and alert. Dirty Springwash leaves skin feeling invigorated – perfect after a workout at the gym. Spearmint and menthol create a tingling effect on the skin, and stimulates the mind. Thyme adds a herby note to the fresh scent.

Yeah, this is a shower gel. It’s a blue liquid. Everyone loves the colour blue, right? Even those that don’t, they’re just in denial, bless them. (not the river in Egypt).

If you don’t like blue, you will once I’ve finished with you, and sung you ‘One Love’ on repeat. #ForTheMothersPride #OneLove

This gel wakes you up, and gives a tingly sensation when applied. Look, lads, I don’t have a trunk, so I haven’t got a clue if it’ll burn your nethers. Ask someone who knows. Like, a fellow man?

If, washing your body isn’t your thing, lads, just smile (and brush your teeth), that’ll do the trick. People go weak for that. If you brush your teeth with Minty toothpaste, why don’t you use this, though? Practically the same smell and feels. Mint. #Fresh #IceCool #IceCubeWithoutKevinHart