I lived on Nakéd smoothies when I was at University!

My routine was – I’d exit the train station to set off for University before popping into Starbucks to pick up one of these and a packet of Popchips – which DID NOT help my water retention – for a library session or the lecture.

We’re Naked Juice. We are dedicated to creating the best-tasting juice smoothies made from the most delicious fruits and boosts. Drink it all in!

I honestly didn’t know that Pepsico (the brand behind Pepsi) had acquired it until after I graduated! I was actually shocked when I found out a little later on… Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s slightly shocking to learn that Pepsi owns a smoothie and fresh-fruit business. Then again, they make Tropicana (not the Club) #Wham #GeorgeMichaelRIP juices too…

So, anyway, yeah, I’ve tried plenty of the Nakéd smoothies… The Green, the Blue, the Red, Kale and Mango to name them all. I was annoyed to learn that they have more which I’ve yet to try but haven’t come across in stores nationwide… The website mentions Açai and Tropical flavours.

The Blue Machine has to be my fave… Also, no, before you ask, that’s got nothing to do with the colour blue being my favourite… I also like the taste of it more than the rest. It’s actually YUMMY! It contains Blackcurrants and Blueberries which are jam-packed with Vitamin B12 and is the vitamin responsible for making us happy.

The Red MachineRed Machine (similarly to The Blue Machine) is packed with ingredients that are rich in B12 i.e. Strawberry and Raspberries.

The Green Machine, on the other hand, is the detoxifying one. It’s still pretty tasty to be fair… I like that it doesn’t taste too much like vegetables as most Green smoothies tend to. Although, I am a massive fan of green juices. Look, I’m not denying that they don’t taste weird but they’re so incredibly healthy that you’ll forget afterwards!

Seeing as I’ve mentioned three, I might as well discuss the Mango one. It’s is nice but I’ve had tastier… It’s too thick for my liking and doesn’t taste solely of mango as I expected it to.

If you’re not down the pub or at your local bar toasting Jay Z’s successful swimmers (for getting Beyoncé pregnant with twins), then you should get yourself a Nakéd.

However, come to think of it, you’re excused seeing as it’s the end of Dry January! As if by SORCERY, PAY DAY falls on a day so close to the BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY which signals the end of DRY JANUARY! #DrinkUp #JÄYgerZ on the house!