Mandem and madmen,

This here blog post is going to act as a little helping hand in choosing something special for your significant other or life-partner, this  Valentines Day.

First thing’s first, if you’re with a high-maintenance girl, good luck to you… You’re going to need it. I, also, as a lover of the finer things in life, haven’t got the foggiest idea as to what she may want to be given, on the day that celebrates love and a half-naked angel baby who goes around shooting arrows into people’s hearts (lovingly). #Cupid

Failsafe options (unless she’s diabetic or suffers from hay-fever or other pollen allergies) would be flowers and chocolates. Alternatively, a stuffed teddy would be a cute idea too for a Disney fan (or if she’s into that sort of thing).

A pair of shoes wouldn’t go amiss either (providing you actually know her size and what she’s into, style-wise) for a lady who is into fashion.

Perfume? This could work, and so could a gift-set from LUSH.

Make-up? You’ve got to know her shade or what sort of colours/brands she likes in order to even contemplate doing this! Not that you would… Come off it lads! We all know you wouldn’t be seen at a Bobbi Brown counter unless she dragged you along! I wouldn’t even be surprised if you thought “he” was a footballer, to be honest.

Try not to get her stuff that only you like and would use… That isn’t romantic (unless you have the same things in common and) she loves you enough to like the stuff you’re into or put up with it, I’m the best of both.

Finally, when planning something nice, know the type of girl she is, know what makes her tick, what she likes, what she doesn’t… That’s vital in getting it right. If she’s anything like me, good luck in finding out LOL! I struggle beyond belief in being decisive and choosing what to do on dates. I would say it’s “human nature” but it isn’t…  It’s weird because in every other aspect of my life – aside from romance – I’m the most decisive person I know. So, ladies, let that be a lesson – be decisive when you’re being asked to! That’s my advice, which I should take, but never do.

Anyway, back to ideas for dates… I don’t know, the cinema? A nice meal out? The theatre? The zoo? Again, what’s she into? Find that out  because without it you’ll struggle. A nice break away would be sure to not be refused though… Plan a romantic night out somewhere with an overnight hotel stay. Something intimate. Get them candles burning like your heart! #EmergancyServicesInducing (in the best, safest and nicest way possible).

LOL! I love how I seem to know more about what to buy guys than I do girls and the worst part is: I am one! 😂

Disclaimer: I’ve only been in one relationship. This may mean that I was born in the wrong body, or that I’ve spent way too much time around my brother.

As with anything, most of us girls are really very easy to keep happy and don’t ask for much other than your time, patience and love/attention, also – affection. That’s HUGELY important! ❤