Girls and guys,

I just wanted to come online to discuss something with you… There are people we meet in our lives who, for whatever reason, are not the same as us. They don’t believe that how we live our lives is correct simply because they have other ways of looking at or tackling situations.

That, in no way, makes our own ways of coping or dealing with situations “wrong”. We are not “selfish” if we choose to make a decision that impacts our own lives. We are not “selfish” if we choose to do something that someone else might not want us to do (within reason) just because it’s long-winded or likely to not work out as we’d hoped.

Believe that you can, try, and do it. If you succeed, you’ll be proving the other person wrong, and if you don’t, well – at least you tried.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re wrong for a said decision that you make (unless it’s to the detriment of you or others).

Your life is yours, and yours alone. When we are born (unless we are part of a set of twins), we are born alone. When we eventually leave this life, we leave it alone. So, you’re going to need to look back and be happy knowing categorically that you have lived for you, because if you’re too busy living for someone else, you have failed.

In life, we need to separate our unconditional love for others from their ability to control our decisions and impact on what we want to do. You can love someone unconditionally but still live for yourself. If you feel as though you have to sacrifice your happiness for someone else, you shouldn’t. That is “selfishness” on their part and their part alone. Also, if you have no option but to lose them because of this, then it’s their loss.

Thank you for reading,