Miumba‘ is still a thing lovers, and it’s remained in full effect! I’m doing it as much as I can but have started taking time to go on the Power Plate, too.

I’ve yet to start dedicating myself fully to any classes though, but I am enjoying regular uses of the Cross Trainer and Treadmill. The ones at my gym have a ‘Fat Burner‘ feature so it’s specifically targetted at slimming which is good. See, this is my problem with gyms… Initial “getting started” and “measuring and planning” personal-training sessions are stupid if you ask me… If you’re anything like me, you’ll be washing away any recollection of which machines were recommended to you (along with how to use them) as you’re showering!

So, instead, I’ve come up with my own routine, I’m pretty proud of it to be fair… ‘Miumba’ happens almost every day (in the comfort of my room, listening to Spotify), a Cross Training hour (3 times a week), a Treadmill hour (2 times a week), and a Power Plate session as much as possible (I bought one for home-use). As much as I enjoy rowing, I tend to do the moves alone using my dumbbells (at home) rather than going on the rowing machine at a gym. Life’s too short for that!

The picture above (sorry about the “organisational mess” to the side of and behind me) highlights the state of my figure currently – I’ve also worn my Premadonna 87 ‘Whats a Waist’ Sweat Belt. It is helping me tone up, sucking in the excess stubborn fat, and giving me that hourglass shape pretty well. Although I dedicated a blog post to it, I don’t think I mentioned how to wear nor use it.

Basically (nothing “basic” about it), it’s a belt that hasn’t got clips or zips. It’s just made from velcro and good, heavy-duty material…

Start by fastening the belt to the tightest that you can go without bursting your stomach or quashing/breaking your ribs! After you’ve done this, you’ll notice another strap on the front of the belt, you can pull this and tighten it further to get really tight (with minimal discomfort). What you want is to do is to tighten it for added support and result. Top tip: the closer that you can get the strap to the brand’s logo, the better the result you’ll gain. However, don’t worry at all if you can’t get it close, it still works – it may just take a little longer. Don’t forget, folks, it’s better to be safe than sorry. What I mean is, don’t ever risk it!

As I said in my previous Premadonna87 post, there are no zips or clips, no metal rods digging into you. Having said that, it does get uncomfortable though, I’m not going to lie… I slept in it once and woke up really uncomfortable. I now vow to never sleep in it again – strictly for training only!

I recommend this for training in, which is what it’s designed for, don’t sleep in it at all. It’s not worth it. However, again, it depends on how tight you wear it, I wore it too tight because I’m trying to get the shape I want. But, if you can avoid the use of waist-trainers altogether, avoid them. If not, ‘Whats a Waist‘ is the way forward. They are really good and are deemed the safer option.