My last Peanut Butter related post goes to Meridian and Whole Earth combined! I was going to do two separate posts but I don’t want to lose followers with my ability to bore people to oblivion (or annoy them by mentioning food that they crave too much)! šŸ˜‚

Anyway, back to Meridian vs. Whole Earth… I am comparing these two because it’s #NationalPeanutDay, also because I love peanuts, oh – and that they both claim toĀ makeĀ Organic peanut butters. Y’all know how much I love my Organic-y things, right?


Meridian’s Peanut Butter is actually the healthier alternativeĀ to Whole Earth (on the face of it) because it’s famous forĀ not including Palm Oil… However, you know what they say about “unhealthy” things… šŸ˜›

What’s more, Meridian has loads of different types of nutĀ butters that are consumable byĀ people with various intolerances ranging from lactose, egg, gluten, wheat or sugar-free. The ones that baffled me were “peanut” free and “shellfish” and “celery” free. Are they joking, or what? Who’s going to put SHELLFISH in a Peanut Butter? Imagine someone at Meridian HQ: “OMG! Do you know what thisĀ Peanut Butter is missing? A LOBSTER CLAW!” … This sort of thing begs the question: “whatĀ is life?”Ā It really gets you thinking: “does the ‘CRUNCHY’ in crunchy peanut butterĀ mean that of a SHELL?” šŸ¤¢

The consistency of Meridian’s crunchy peanut butter is still slightly smoother than I prefer. I think that’s got a lot to do with digestion, again with the healthy jibber-jabberĀ …

Meridian’s packaging is good, but it looks a little on the budget side when comparedĀ with Whole Earth.

The taste? It tastes healthier than your average peanut butter. It just tastes like how peanut butter would if it was a salad. šŸ˜†

Price? This one works out cheaper than Whole Earth, I believe…

Whole Earth:

Although Whole Earth has one specific “no Palm Oil” peanut butter, the rest of them include it. However, Whole Earth does state that its peanut butters have “no added sugar”. But, as we have learned the hard way, “no added sugar” doesn’t mean “no sugar was added” but “no MORE sugar HAS BEEN added”. I mean what a way to false advertise and trick you, eh?!

The consistency of Whole Earth’s crunchy peanut butter wins it for me.

In terms of packaging, Whole Earth also wins it for me. It just looks a lot better than Meridian…

The taste? Delicious! I am in love. Besotted. I absolutely can eat a whole jar in one sitting.

Price? I think Whole Earth’s peanut butter comes with a more “premium” price tag than that of Meridian.

LikeĀ Peanut Hottie, both Meridian and Whole Earth are multi-purpose.

My verdict: I liked Meridian but it’s not as good as Whole Earth. Nothing beats Whole Earth for me, not evenĀ Pip & Nut.

My beautiful, sensationally stunning and amazing mother’sĀ opinion? I tested it on her when I made my specialty’ Banana Spilt’ and sheĀ prefers this one to all the others that I have purchased in the past… I’ve even got her to try the soya Holland & Barrett one. I love Holland & Barrett but let’s not go there with its soya Peanut Butter (which isn’t actually made from PEANUTS).