My ACTUAL weights!

Weights are the second bane of my life, first is the lack of correction on my phone’s “autocorrect”. Oh, the irony!

That’s right, I highly detest dumbbells because they’re painful sons of beaches who don’t do anything other than sit there waiting for us to pick the slender looking but extremely heavy equipment (that could actually break your arms if not used correctly or with caution) up.

I found my luminous green Davina McCall ones (1KG) and decided to start pumping as part of my Miumba routine. You might be thinking: “1KG?” Let me tell you that I don’t have the muscles and strength of Popeye. I also don’t fancy an injury which – knowing my luck – almost certainly will result in an arm amputation.

Today, I started my day with these and I just did arm raises, punches and squat lifts.

I am going to be buying wearable arm and ankle weights soon. I can’t wait to use them as I go trekking up hills! That’s right, folks, it’s all about the: “started from the bottom now we HE-ERE!” approach.

Before you know it, I’m going to have Bicep(tors) 💪 that body builders would be proud of! #Pumped