Very late last night, I decided to record a Snapchat Story that didn’t end up leaving my ‘Memories’ section (because I just didn’t want it to) until this afternoon.

It’s also made it onto YouTube as my first attempt at “vlogging”. I wouldn’t call this vlogging though, I’d just say it’s having fun in my room after I did a session of #Miumba (which is still going strong!).

I apologise perfusely if I’ve ruined this song for you. I didn’t mean to! I just wanted to show my appreciation, and to inform you that I know ten seconds worth of the lyrics in the chorus.

“Vlogs” are meant to be motivational and have a purpose. The motivation behind this video is music and my love for good songs that are catchy. The purpose of this was for Snapchat BANTS. That is all…

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