Flat Tummy Tea

If you read my blog post about Bootea, last year, you’ll know that I’m a lover of teatoxes.

I used to love the lazy way of cleansing my body from toxins or excess inches! Bootea used to be by “go-to” for that because it’s just Bootea, (kinda like BOOTY but not).

When I first heard of it, like four years ago, I actually, truth be told, bought Bootea thinking it’d assist my glutes. It didn’t. 😂

Anyway, not only *why the HECK am I still talking?* but *why the HECK am I discussing Bootea when this post is about Flat Tummy Tea?*

I don’t know the answer to either or those questions, apologies!

Yeah, Flat Tummy Tea is “rant and raved” about everywhere on social media. Everyone who’s anyone of a celebrity A-Z status is endorsing it.

But, does it actually work for civilians who aren’t wanting a PT and a live-in-nutritionist? …

Flat Tummy Tea is a 2 step tea detox packed with ingredients traditionally known to help cleanse your system, support metabolism, reduce bloating and boost energy.*

Like anything in life, if you put the effort in, it will. Flab is not bionic. Thank GOD!

If you exercise, eat well, stay hydrated and sleep well, it’ll drop off. Drinking two cups of tea a day (once every couple of days) isn’t going to be enough to shift the pounds, though. You need to work hard, play hard, eat clean, train lean, and sleep pristine to get results.

Swap your chocolate for mixed dry fruit & nuts, swap your pizza for a low-fat cracker with some feta cheese and guacamole, eat lower-calorie foods and you’ll definitely notice a difference.

If it helps, Flat Tummy Tea did give me more energy and stamina when working out. This means that I worked out for longer than I usually would without drinking it…  That, I think is its biggest USP. Because, when you near “Flat Tummy Tea”, your initial thought might be that drinking it and doing nothing else will give you a flat tummy… It doesn’t. I mean, it might cleanse your tummy and make it look less bloated, but if there is weight in, on or around your stomach, it’s not going to go miraculously after a mug of green tea, is it? The answer is no, no it’s not. 😭

I’ve been having a banana for breakfast, two boiled eggs and spinach salad for lunch and a bowl of Special K cornflakes for dinner most nights whilst on Flat Tummy Tea. I’ve also severely cut down on sugar, pastries and rice. I’ve yet to crack bread though. That’s my weakness! However, swapping normal white bread for brown or protein really helps!

Yes, Flat Tummy Tea does work providing you’re eating and drinking well… If you’re eating crisps, deep fried food and whatever else, you aren’t going to see results from a cup of green tea. It might deposit the crap you’ve eaten, but it won’t stop you from reaching for more – unless you tell yourself not to.

Therefore, although Flat Tummy Tea does work, you’ve really got to work at it. You can’t just eat crap, not train, not drink well, and take Flat Tummy Tea and expect your stomach to get washboard… That’s not how it works, soz!