Every time I begin a fitness or health journey, I embark on a Calorie Counting expedition (one that doesn’t involveĀ walking anywhere, just eating less and plating smaller portions). šŸ˜ƒ

So, for today’s lunch at work I had a Banana, Date & Oat Almond smoothie which amountedĀ to approximately 150 calories and a Graze Veggie Protein Power packet filled with wasabi beans, cashews and whatnot. #DELICIOUS šŸ˜‹

I came home and had two tablespoon dollops of leftover vegetable curry and a quarter of a paratha (layered roti bread, my fave). My diet is one where I don’t restrict myself from anything, I just eat things in moderation.

For breakfast, I enjoyed a glass ofĀ OJ and an apple. Ā What’s OJ? I can’t help you. Ask Mr Juice, Orange Juice. #LOLS #JokesDrierThanTheSahara #AtLeastItllGiveTheCamelsAChuckle