LUSH: Over & Over, I cannot confirm nor deny that these are all at my house… 😜

I’m a very citrussy person. I love anything citrussy, which probably explains why my last name is Mansour (pronounced “Man-soor” but spelt like ManSOUR).

When I realised Lush had a limited-edition citrus bath bomb called ‘Over & Over‘ (which features my second and third favourite colours: Orange and Yellow), I had to buy it!

Launch this one into your bath to fall head over heels with its vivid, swirling ways. This energizing bomb with a creamy cocoa butter coating rocks and rolls around the tub, leaving behind a vibrant trail of pink, orange and gold colored streams. Lime and fennel wake up your senses, making this the perfect beginning to a big night out (or in!).

I actually bought it around Christmas time and forgot to post about it because I’ve been busy. It’s just when I popped into Lush just now (on lunch at the time of writing this) and picked another up that I remembered that I meant to write a post about it.

I just thought I’d post it now because I’m away this weekend, which means I won’t be blogging… Also, I’ve got a major toothache and have had it for over three days! 😭 So, writing this will cheer me up…

I love the smell of it, the feel of it, the colours of it, the energy of it – everything (LUSH’s ‘Over & Over’ btw, NOT MY TOOTHACHE)! 😩

When it first starts fizzing in the bath, it melts orange and yellow but then deep inside it lays some hot pink salts. It’s absolutely stunning! 😍 I wasn’t expecting it. It just looks unreal!

Over and Over is made up of Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Lemon Oil (with an infusion of lime and fennel). It’s very awakening to the senses but soothing to the skin. Not sure that makes sense, but just, don’t leave me… Please? 😂

It’s LUSH like its maker. Boom. Done. That’s all that you need to know until you try it.

Then?  Well, then can tell ‘Mii! 💋



P.S. For added effect, you can listen to Nelly’s Over & Over feat. Tim McGraw (while in the bath). Life’s too short for anything else… #YOLO!

I’ll see y’all on Monday. Have a great weekend, people. 😘❤