Are you ready to read about an absolute Godsend of a product for damaged hair?

Olaplex. You may have heard of this beforehand, but do you actually know what it does in detail – well, as much detail as anyone could find if they just typed ‘Olaplex.’ into Google, anyway? 😂

Olaplex was founded by Dean Christal who teamed up with scientist Dr Craid Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly to cook up a new molecule that works from inside the hair strands to strengthen and repair damaged locks where the structure has broken down.

Ha! Well, take it from me (or don’t) but, it’s great! I really noticed a difference in just one use.

NO. 1: Bond Multiplier


This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

NO. 2: Bond Perfector


Our second salon step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

NO. 3: Hair Perfector


This final retail step provides our client’s continuous protection from ongoing damage at home.

Yes, I know I’ve got to stop talking about my past hair, body and skin problems… However, for those who have just joined me, “HI!” “LOVE YOU” and “THANKS” – I was bleach-blonde, last year. Going from a browny, redish, blackish, goldish with the odd white* toned hair colour (‘5 Colours in her Hair’ by McFly was definitely written for me) – it was tough to go fully blonde without doing it gradually, through highlights.

Although I loved it, I hated how damaged my hair became and worried that I’d lose it after it became “elastic-y”. It was terrible! I’d be in the shower and it’d rip like a very thin elastic band. 😭

Anyway, I tried some steam hair treatments, intensive conditioners and hair masks but nothing worked as well as Olaplex. since I had it done on the 31st December 2016! Yes, I remember the date very well (like a saddo) because that was when my #HairGame changed forever (nothing to do with it being New Year’s Eve, okay?). 😉

I found a new salon, booked a cut, colour and Olaxplex. treatment, and then arrived on time to get it done. Standard. Boss. #GoodTimeManagement #HireMe #LegendOfATimeKeeper #AddedThisSkillToMyResume

Colour? Matrix (not the film). This is the first time I had tried it. I loved how shiny it made my hair look, and the colour is luxuriously rich. Overall, Matrix made my hair look as though it was in a better condition (even before cutting my endless split ends).

Cut style? Short, with layers … *drum roll* … S E X Y! #SlayLikeFiYonSay

I like layers of all varieties, whether it’s on a cake 😋, on hair 😍, on us 🛍 (forms of clothing)… Layers – ROCK!

Olaplex.? Boss!

You need it in your life.

Olaplex. works to connect and strengthen the bonds which may have gotten disconnected or weakened due to excessive hair styling, colouring, bleaching etc.

Olaplex. repairs damaged hair in just twenty minutes (at salon). Your hairdresser will apply it onto just-washed hair, leave it there to soak into roots, ends, and scalp before washing it off, shampooing, conditioning, and blowing dry as nor Malibu. For best results – cut your hair before the treatment. I mean, it’s just common sense, really…

It’s pretty expensive to buy all three parts yourself for use at home and I don’t think you can buy them directly from Olaplex, so my suggestion would be getting the treatment done at a salon as it works out cheaper that way. I’m sure you can order or buy No. 3 from your Olaplex. certified salon, anyway. The price of No. 3 is £35. They are all (Parts 1 to 3) very small bottles, but they’re so powerful that you only need a little each time to see results.

I applied No. 3 yesterday and left it in overnight (as advised by my new hairdresser) even though the packaging says:

Apply a generous amount to unwashed, towel dried hair. Comb through once. Leave on for minimum of 10 mins or more. For damaged hair, repeat without rinsing.

Rinse from hair, shampoo and condition.

If you’ve tried it, let me know your thoughts. If you haven’t, for any questions? Send me yours below.


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