LUSH: Celestial

Finally! I’ve just found a moment to blog about my favourite moisturiser of 2016 from Lush, Celestial.

I really don’t know where Lush get their ideas for names from… I mean, they really don’t make it easy for us folk, do they? 🙄 Celestial (in particular) is very hard for me to say… It’s like a tongue-twister! Pronounced: “SA-LESS-TIAL”… I think it’s the sa-sa-sa’ing and ess-ess-ess’ing that gets me.

I purchased it originally for dry patches but fell in love with it ever since. I wear it every day, morning and night… It’s “LUSH!”, and I don’t just mean the brand!

Celestial is for sensitive-skinned people like myself (in Winter months). It’s targeted at dry-normal skin as opposed to combination due to its slight thickness and dewy-finish. However, as someone with mostly combination skin, I found it worked well. I didn’t notice any problems with using it.

The ingredients list can he found here. If you’re too lazy to click, don’t worry, I got’chu covered! Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Water feature heavily in this marvellous moisturiser along with Dove Orchid Extract and Almond Oil. The scent of Celestial, too, I like, it smells Cocoa Butter-y mostly.

Its texture is thick, just the way I like it! I like medium-thick moisturisers (but doesn’t clog pores)because they  sit on top of fine lines making skin look even. Celestial might be on thick side but rest assured that it’s not overly greasy. It absorbs really quickly yet leaves a natural glow to the skin. I also found that this cream improved the elasticity of my skin, making my complexion clearer, but skin thicker and plumper.

Finally (almost), I found that it works well as both a moisturiser and primer which I don’t use anything else under my makeup. If I was marking it out of 10, I’d give it a 10. Yes, I know… High praise indeed. I love Celestial more than any other moisturiser I’ve bought!