My wedges before they went into the oven looking all photogenic and shizz #NoFilter #TheyWereCutLikeThis #Bey(potate)oncé

Hey lovers,

You’ll be chuffed to know that I’ve found a use for Raw Almond Nut Butter with Chai Seeds! It might not be great on a cracker and/or on its own BUT on piping hot Sweet Potato wedges? It’s 😍😍😍😍😍.

Tonight, I popped into M&S to buy some sweet potatoes ’cause I fancied wedges for dinner and was completely unaware of what was in store (excuse the pun) for me afterwards… They turned out SO DIVINE! After making them – originally for dinner – I decided that (with honey on them) they’d make better a dessert snack.

I cannot put into words how good they actually are but I’m going to damn well have to because this is a blog not a mind reading, tart card turning and fortune telling medium of information. I’ll just say that they were so good that I had to share the recipe with you!

You may have Dot Cotton(ed) on that I’ve been counting my calorie-intake recently. It’s all part of my “New Year” plan. So, each week, I’ll be sharing with you one of *my very own* recipes with you.

*altered versions of an original which I found on Google

Anyway, I researched the tastiest way to make sweet potato wedges and came across a pretty simple recipe. However, I realised that I could make it even simpler and healthier by adding my own ingredients.

If you really knew me, you’d know that I’m a freak in the kitchen! It’s like I’ve been possessed by a tastebud-scientist who just mixes flavours and hopes for the best! Before you get on to worrying, I’ve yet to poison anyone with my concoctions and they’ve been pretty safe and edible on the palette.

What you’ll need for these SHWEET PO-TASTE-OES: 

1 average-sized sweet potato

A dash of LoSalt (as opposed to Table Salt advised in original recipe)

A dash of finely grounded Black Pepper

Honey (instead of brown or white sugar as advised in original recipe)

Frylight Olive Oil Spray (a healthy alternative to normal olive oil)

A baking tray

Tin foil (to cover the baking tray)


Cut the sweat potato into quarters, lengthways. (if you’d like to savour them, you could cut the quarters even thinner to make eight. 😉)

Preheat your oven at 250 degrees and leave to warm.

Transfer your raw sweet potato wedges into a tinfoil covered baking tray.

Spray the Frylight Olive Oil over the sweet potatoes.

Sprinkle LoSalt, finely ground Black Pepper and drizzle the tiniest amount of honey on top of the olive oil covered sweet potatoes.

Place the baking tray in the oven for 25 mins; be minstil that if you’ve got a really strong oven, you may want to leave them in for 15-20 instead to prevent them from burning.

Once cooked, take them out of the oven and leave to cool for 5 mins.

Add a nut butter and toppings of your choice. (as you know, I had no choice but to spread Primrose’s Kitchen Raw Almond Nut Butter with Chai Seed so that I could finish it.)

Finally, do you really need me to tell you to eat them too?!? 😂

Top tip: if you don’t leave them for too long (to cool down) before spreading the nut butter, adding toppings and eating, they’ll taste much better and fresher. 😋😋😋

Also, don’t go all #HatersGonHate on me just  ’cause I uplod an “after” photo of these tasty wedges. They proved too delicious that my phone camera didn’t take the actual photo… That’s iPhones and their (lack of) cooperation nowadays, for you. 😭I’m not even joking, it captured a black screen which was very weird!

I guess that’s just my wedges’ way of saying: “#PotatesGonPotate (against technology)!” #Thug(RootVegetable)Life #FREESweetPotatoesFromPCPlod #InnocentUntilProvenPotatoed #StarchTheSystem

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