Woah! This is the first post on here which appeals to both ladies AND gents! 😍

Can all the gentlemen reading this (or not) get a major BIG UP, please?

You boys might drive us round the bend at times but we honestly cannot exist, live on or procreate without you… Steady on, though, don’t get too high and righteous now that we’re massaging your egos! 😂

No, but truly, you’re legends. You rock. We love you – even if some of us pretend not to. If, for whatever reason, we don’t – it’s probably because you’ve done something silly and are yet to say sorry or visa-versa and we’re just too pig headed to mention it.

We’re the Sisterhood. Y’all call carry on with your Bromances, but we got a Sismance of our own brewing… It just hasn’t taken off yet! 😉

Alright, ‘”Mandem” Worshipping Moment’ over. Back to the “Real OG” reason why I began writing this. Face masks and washes.

If you lot think face products are just for the ladies, think again (you sexist people). Research conducted by myself, including myself, suggests that women love a man who looks after his skin. However, if he starts taking longer than us to get ready, that’s when the “look what you’ve done, you’ve created a Monster!” penny starts to drop (and you can’t play Heads or Tails with that one, let me tell you)!

You don’t need to be told this twice I’m sure, but ‘charcoal’ is my favourite ingredient in a face mask, face wash, or face anything *other than moisturiser or makeup* ’cause I don’t quite fancy looking like I’ve been living in a mine or chimney (unless I actually work in one).

So, I’ve just discovered that the 100% “worth it” lot over at L’OrĂ©al have produced Men’s and Women’s Charcoal face products. Can I get an AMEN?

My brother tried one, and I tried the other… (if you REALLY need a moment to guess who tried what, you can, with all sincerity, DO ONE! 😂)

Verdict? Read on. Ha! You didn’t think it was that easy, did you? 😜

Ladies first. Always. Right, gents? 😉

L’OrĂ©al Pure Clay Detox Mask


This was the first face mask that L’OrĂ©al released – and also the first in their Pure Clay range. I cannot actually believe I hadn’t tried it earlier (even though I’d heard of it)…

I love that this mask starts off like a smooth gel but hardens on the skin, creating a second layer that you can almost peel off. It dries very tight on the skin which means you can really feel it drawing all the impurities and toxins out! The smell of it is lovely too, might I add…

The consistency of the Pure Clay Detox Mask is – as I said – like a smooth but thick cream/gel. I believe it’s got a clay (or THREE) in it – hence the name (no flies on me, are there? #Mosquitos).

Seriously though, it’s a great mask. If you don’t take my word for it, read up on it online or try it for yourself.

L’OrĂ©al describes it as:

Enriched with Black Charcoal which acts like a magnet to draw out impurities.

The creamy texture of this deep cleansing face mask detoxifies the skin’s surface and works deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking clarified and beautified.

I agree with everything written in that description – found on the Official L’OrĂ©al website. It’s “utterly butterly lovely, pet.” As Cheryl (soon-to-be Payne, used to be Cole, Fernandez-Virsini, and Tweedy) would put it.

Alright. Now it’s time for the male equivalent. Enter L’OrĂ©al Men Expert!


L’OrĂ©al Men Expert Pure Power Black Charcoal Wash Multi-Action Purifier

Discover a powerful purifying complex combining Black Charcoal, a well-known purifying agent, and refreshing Menthol, for a complete cleansing action on your skin, to help protect against the appearance of spots and blackheads.

This facial wash is specifically formulated to target all of the five main skin imperfections that affect male skin (as featured below). According to my brother, it does it “well”.

My brother is not the most expressive guy in the world so he didn’t say exactly how he found it because he – truthfully – was too preoccupied with trying to stop me using him as my “Guinea Pig”. He’s a lovely chap is my broski! A man of few words, most of which sees me thinking: “excuse his French!” every so often.

When he squeezed some out, the formula looked like a black gel. However, when he applied it, it turned into a white foam as if by magic!

Apparently, my brother’s skin felt “rejuvinised” – which is a very strange word (and one that’s not in the dictionary) to hear coming out of his mouth – considering he’s got that Prince Charles accent paired with that consistent “road man” terminology! He’s only 28, guys!

I think what my brother meant to say was that it’s revitalising and rejuvenating.

The fact that he found it “rejuvinising” is a good thing, trust me! He also said his skin felt “fresher and cleaner” than it had when using other products. That says a lot coming him, someone with extremely sensitive and dry skin… Bless him!

I asked my brother to rate it out of 10 (because let’s face it, there’s more chance of hell freezing over than him giving me a detailed synopsis) and he gave it an 8. Strong, strong, strong rating, that!

So, yeah, if you’re a lad or  know/have a lad in your life that may want to try a charcoal(ly) face wash, tell ’em to choose this one. It targets clogged pores, blackheads, spots, uneven skin texture (caused by shaving), and balances out oily skin. I heard it’s anti-aging too… Win, win and – win.

After doing some research, I found that there are in fact two charcoal washes by L’OrĂšal Men Expert. I believe the one my brother tried is the Pure Power one (pictured).