Colourpop’s Instigator

Tonight (for those of you reading this in the UK), I’m writing (typing) about Colourpop‘s Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Instigator’.

Things are going to escalate real quick in this muted peach

If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ll know that I’m a little bit crazy about Kylie Jenner’s Dirty Peach lip-kit. I have been banging on about it since it was released last Summer. Does it matter to me that it’s a Summer shade yet I wore it in Autumn and am still wearing it in Winter? ‘No’ is the answer.

Anyhow! I’ve mentioned that I can’t always purchase lip kits from her store because spending extortionate amounts on money for shipping charges is not my thing… I want to see the World, guys – not purchase things from around it!

Instead, I researched its lipstick and liquid lipstick dupes and have been trying them out ever since… You may remember that I tried Bobbi Brown’s Salmon lipstick (being one of them), well – as much as it’s almost identical to Kylie Jenner’s shade (and as much as I love it), it doesn’t dry matte. So, I wanted to try one that does… Enter Colourpop‘s ‘Instigator‘!

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s my lips that are the problem here or if it’s not actually as similar as other bloggers/volggers make out. I say this because I found it to be more on the darker shade of orange than peach. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely not a tone I’d classify as coral or peach (on me)…

The formula is amazing though. I love how smooth and luxurious it feels on my lips in comparison to Kylie’s. Having said that, I did love Kylie’s formula – just not how dry my lips felt after applying more than one coat. I found that (with Kylie’s) the colour started flaking off too. *sad face*

In terms of what Kylie’s Dirty Peach did better than Colourpop, I’d say the shade and scent. I love the smell of all Kylie’s lip kits anyway, and the nudey-look to ‘Dirty Peach’ in particular is what sold me!

Seeing as this post is about Colourpop, let’s end it with some ‘Instigator’ pros… I found that this one lasted longer (than Kylie’s) and the colour didn’t fade after a good few hours (unlike Kylie’s). The rest *and biggest* pros of Colourpop’s liquid-lipstick are the cheaper price and the fact that it’s readily available to the UK via Amazon without paying extra for shipping costs.